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Program Services

Service for CLED gifted learners including social/emotional needs, service models, furloughs, exits, and evaluation.
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G/T Discover

Enrichment opportunities for your gifted and talented student both in and outside the classroom.

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ABC's of Achieving Equity

From Achieving Equity in Gifted Programming, this document helps educators understand diverse learners’ identification and needs to increase equity in gifted education.

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National Report Cards

Data for the state of Texas is available by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Click on “National Report Cards”, then select “Texas.”

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Assessment Providers

Texas Education Agency (TEA) list of various assessment providers. TEA does not endorse any assessment provider; this list is for convenience only.

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NAGC grouping strategies

NAGC supports the growth and development of G/T children. Read about some of the various types of grouping strategies used with gifted learners.

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Gifted cultural education model

Dr. Donna Ford has created a gifted cultural education model based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and James Banks’ levels of integrating multicultural content; contributions, additive; transformation, and social action. Dr. Ford’s matrix contains multiple pathways in which educators can develop curriculum that will affect students culturally and cognitively. The rows contain components of James Banks' Levels of Integration whereas the columns contain Bloom’s Taxonomy.

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Curriculum & Instruction

Levels of Integration

James Banks' article on the levels of integrating multicultural content; contributions, additive; transformation, and social action.

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Curriculum & Instruction,
English Learners

Visual Imagery

Through guided visualization, students learn how to create mental pictures as they read.

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Curriculum & Instruction

Teaching Culturally Diverse Gifted Students

Authors Ford and Milner provide an overview of multicultural gifted education, effective teaching strategies, and best practices to support a diverse population of students.

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Curriculum & Instruction

Prufrock Press Webinars

Prufrock Press offers free webinars that brings experts in the field of gifted education to educators.

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Curriculum & Instruction

Supporting English Learners in Texas

TEA web portal providing educators with resources that will positively impact efforts to ensure equity and the academic success of English Learners.

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Curriculum & Instruction,

Texas Performance Standards Project

TPSP is comprised of performance standards, curricula, and assessments for enhancing G/T programs from kindergarten through high school.

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Professional Learning

Texas Lesson Study (TXLS)

Job-embedded professional development in which teachers work collaboratively to develop, teach, and revise research-based lessons.

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Professional Learning

Professional Book Studies

Ideas for equity books studies where groups of G/T teachers read and have structured, yet meaningful conversations as they read the book.

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Twice Exceptional (2E)

I'm Not Who You Think I am

Document that details what Twice Exceptional students may need based on behaviors that the student demonstrates.

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OCR Data Instructions

Instructions to assist in navigating the OCR data website in order to gather school or district G/T demographic data.

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Black Characteristics and Culture

Table consisting of Ford’s Characteristics of Black (African American) Students, Hurston’s Characteristics of Negros, and Boykin’s Afrocentric Cultural Styles.

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Technical Assistance: 504

This technical assistance guide is intended for use by Texas educators to support implementation of services for students with, or suspected of having, disabilities.
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Diversity Toolbox

This toolbox was created to provide resources to administrators, teachers, and parents/caregivers on the needs of gifted LGBTQ students.
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PEIMS Standard Reports

The PEIMS Standard Reports meet general requirements for information concerning public education in Texas.
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Identifying CLED gifted learners including barriers, characteristics, assessments, and more.
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