Equity in Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education

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Twice-Exceptional Students and G/T Services

Physical Needs of Twice-Exceptional Learners

Twice-exceptional learners have a high degree of energy and can experience both psychomotor and sensual overexcitability. These overexcitabilities can make it difficult for students to sit quietly during classroom lectures. Gross and fine motor skill development can lag behind physical and cognitive development. Students find it difficult to put their thoughts on paper when the brain processes information faster than the fine motor skills will allow the student to write. Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining health and it takes additional fuel to maintain expected levels of performance. Stress can interfere with sleep, and as the student becomes more fatigued the impact of disabilities becomes more apparent. Twice-exceptional students react differently to physical contact; some are hypersensitive, wanting less contact, while those who are hyposensitive want more contact.

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