Equity in Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education

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Purpose and Goal


Provide administrators, educators, and parents practical resources for identifying and serving the twice-exceptional learner.


Twice-Exceptional learners who have participated in services for gifted/talented learners will yield products and performances of professional quality as part of their program services. In order to accomplish this, twice-exceptional learners may need appropriate accommodations as prescribed in their IEP or 504 documentation. Gifted education services for twice-exceptional learners must be made available for learners in grades K through 12. (Adapted from the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students, 1990.)

Listen to 'They Said She Would Never Read or Write' by L. Dennis Higgins, Ed.D. & Elizabeth Nielsen


Texas Education Agency Project Directors:
Monica Brewer
Shelly Ramos
Debbie Gonzales

Education Service Center, Region 13 Project Staff:
Erin Romero
Samantha Muñoz
Marilyn Peebles

The Texas Education Agency expresses appreciation to the following individuals for their assistance in the development of this project:

Task Force:
Donna Ashby (Lead), Education Service Center Region 7
Dana Berry, Pearland ISD
Dr. George Betts, University of Northern Colorado
Mary Ann Clark, El Paso ISD
Dr. Lynn Grant, Hays CISD
Dr. L. Dennis Higgins, Albuquerque Public Schools & University of New Mexico
Dr. Susan Johnsen, Baylor University
Dr. M. Elizabeth Nielsen, University of New Mexico
Dr. F. Richard Olenchak, University of Houston
Angela Standridge, Education Service Center Region 4
Dr. Beverly A. Trail, Regis University

Other Contributors:
Barbara Kaatz, Texas Education Agency
Debbie Smith, Texas Education Agency