Equity in Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education

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Twice-Exceptional Students and G/T Services

Homework Support

Parents of twice-exceptional students have witnessed the frustration their children experience when trying to complete homework assignments. Supporting your child is very important; however, do not take on the responsibility for doing the work. You can support your child in in the following ways:

  1. Set aside a specific time when homework is to be done. If possible, make it a family time to read and work on projects.
  2. Provide a place to work that is stocked with all the materials needed to complete assignments.
  3. It is helpful to discuss what needs to be done and prioritize homework before beginning so the things due the next day are completed first.
  4. Encourage your child to set a goal for what homework they will complete, estimate the time it will take, time themselves to see if they reach their goal, and celebrate accomplishment of goal.
  5. Plan short 10-minute breaks during study time and plan a fun activity when all homework is completed.
  6. When students are unorganized, papers are lost. Work with teachers to set up a system to either email assignments home or post them on a website. Completed assignments can be scanned and emailed to the teacher.
  7. Help your child understand the instructions but never become too involved in answering or completing assignments. Remember, it is their job to do the homework.

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