Equity in Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education

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Twice-Exceptional Students and G/T Services


It can be extremely difficult to advocate for twice-exceptional learners. Do not become involved in the blame game; instead, work collaboratively with the school using a problem solving approach.

  • I believe my child may be twice-exceptional — What should I do?
    • Review the Characteristics of Twice-Exceptional Learners and check off the characteristics related to your child.
    • Share your concerns with your child’s teacher, ask him/her to visit the web page to learn more about twice-exceptional learners, and schedule a follow-up meeting.
    • Learn more about the Referral Process and how students are Identified for Gifted Education Services and Identified for Special Education Services.
  • My child is experiencing problems in school, not performing at a level equal to his/her potential, and/or does not want to go to school — What should I do?