Equity in Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education

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  • The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students
    (English Version | Spanish Version)
    The Texas State Plan, adopted by the State Board of Education in November 1996, and revised in 2009, takes districts and campuses to the next level of G/T program implementation: refining existing services and creating additional curricular options that lead to exceptionally high levels of student performance.

  • The Varied Faces of Gifted/Talented Students
    The Varied Faces of Gifted/Talented Students was created to guide educators in the identification of G/T students. This table contrasts traditional perceptions of G/T students to those who have low-socioeconomic status, those who are English language learners who have low-socioeconomic status, and those who are special education or 504 students who have low-socioeconomic status.

  • Standard Assessment Tests
    This chart provides a listing of commonly used assessment instruments for measuring students’ abilities across a variety of cognitive domains. Additionally, the chart includes information on the purposes of the tests, the parameters for using them, the qualifications of the examiners, the publisher, norm groups, and information on the scoring, validity, and reliability of each instrument.

  • Celebrate Your Child Cards
    Parents have a unique perspective outside of the classroom that can help teachers and administrators discover a child’s strengths and individual learning needs. The Celebrate Your Child DVD video and cards have been designed to initiate a dialogue between parents and teachers. Parents can identify key behaviors in their child and share this information with the school to ensure the child receives appropriate services.