Equity in Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education

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Guidelines for Educators

The Celebrate Your Child materials were originally developed by the Texas Education Agency through a Jacob K. Javits grant for use with parents in school districts. A companion video by the same title introduces the material and can be used at meetings with parents or sent home with students for home viewing. Additionally, the printed materials may be sent home for parents to use in understanding and documenting their observations of key characteristics of G/T bilingual learners.

Districts may choose to use these materials as

  • part of an informative overview of district G/T programs during general parent meetings or prior to individual student assessment;
  • additional outreach for parents to understand the assessment process and how G/T services can benefit their students;
  • items sent home to encourage partnerships between the home and school that help meet the needs of potentially G/T students; and
  • part of other strategies to enhance district services and ensure equitable representation of student populations in G/T programs.

Additional copies of these materials for parent use can be downloaded in both high resolution printer-ready files and lower-resolution files for in-house copying in black and white.