Equity in Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education

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Books & Articles


  • Removing the Mask: Giftedness in Poverty
    Paul D. Slocumb, Ed.D and Ruby Payne, Ph.D.

    Removing the Mask provides identification instruments and processes to identify gifted learners from poverty, thus enabling schools to achieve equity in their gifted program.

  • Special Populations in Gifted Education: Working with Diverse Gifted Learners - 03 edition
    Jamie Castellano

    Acknowledges and illuminates the reality that gifted students are from all backgrounds and that their talents transcend cultural, ethnic, and linguistic ties, handicapping condition, sexual orientation, poverty, and geography.

  • Patterns and Profiles of Promising Learners from Poverty
    Joyce VanTassel-Baska

    Covers a variety of topics pertinent to the education of students from low-income families, including the role of culture in education, curriculum for promising learners, psychosocial stressors that affect these learners, professional development for teachers of low-income students, and state policy implementation to affect these students' educations.

  • A Framework for Understanding Poverty
    Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.

    People in poverty face challenges virtually unknown to those in middle class or wealth--challenges from both obvious and hidden sources.

  • Teaching with Poverty in Mind
    Eric Jensen

    An unflinching look at how poverty hurts children, families, and communities across the United States and demonstrates how schools can improve the academic achievement and life readiness of economically disadvantaged students.

  • See Poverty...Be the Difference!
    Dr. Donna M. Beegle

    Provides an opportunity for gaining a foundation, rooted in lived experience and research, for understanding poverty and addressing its impacts.

  • Working with Parents: Building Relationships for Student Success
    Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.

    Tips for teachers to build communication with parents of their students.

  • Under-resourced Learners: Eight strategies to Boost Student Achievement
    Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.

    Identifies resources all students need and delivers proven practical strategies for building up these resources for every student in every school.

  • Discipline Strategies for the Classroom: Working with Students
    Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.

    It’s your classroom, here’s how to manage it for success.

  • Overlooked Gems: A National Perspective on Promising Students of Poverty (Download)
    Joyce VanTassel-Baska and Tamra Stambaugh, Editors

    Proceedings from the National Leadership Conference on Low-Income Promising Learners.


  • Gifted Potential and Poverty: A Call for Extraordinary Action
    Margie K. Kitano
  • Identifying and Nurturing the Gifted Poor
    Paul D. Slocumb, Ed.D and Ruby Payne, Ph.D.
  • High Ability, Rural, and Poor: Lessons from Project Aspire and Implications for School Counselors
    Tracy L. Cross and Virginia H. Burney, Ball State University