Equity in Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education

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Gifted ELLs are sometimes overlooked during the identification process. Among the barriers to identification are:

  • Gifted ELLs may exhibit characteristics that are different from their native English speaking peers
  • Children who are less than fluent in English are sometimes incorrectly viewed as having lower cognitive abilities than their fluent English speaking peers
  • Language differences often coincide with cultural differences

Source: Annenberg Institute for School Reform, 2013

Identifying Linguistically Diverse Gifted Students

The Varied Faces of Giftedness chart is designed to help show general differences among groups of learners within the gifted population.

Identifying and meeting the needs of gifted ELLs is a complex but critical issue. To understand more about best practices for gifted ELLs, download the NAGC Position Statement.

Download Identifying Gifted and Talented English Language Learners (Grades K-12).