Equity in Gifted/Talented (G/T) Education

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Assessment Instruments

The sample instruments and processes outlined in this toolkit are adapted from the Bilingual/Gifted & Talented Education Model Assessment Instruments developed by Region One Education Service Center (Region One) in Edinburg, Texas, and distributed in September 2001. Region One received funding from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Jacob K. Javits Program to develop the Jacob K. Javits Bilingual/Gifted and Talented Education Model. A major component of the project was to collaborate with participating districts in the region to review and evaluate the use of traditional and nontraditional assessment and identification processes with potentially G/T students from non-English speaking or bilingual households.

Over the years, terminology and practice change as we learn more and more about gifted/talented students and their needs. This product, created in 2001, is being offered not as researched best practice or even as a model to be copied, but as an example and a starting point that may be useful to districts as they develop their own equitable identification procedures. Districts are encouraged to modify all or part of the assessment instruments, processes, or forms. If modified, please add the following line of credit, "Adapted from Region One Education Service Center, Jacob K. Javits Grant Materials."

Download Assessment Instruments (Microsoft Word)

Use this worksheet to assess equity in your district programs/services: